Accepted Posters

Marek Winczewski, Karol Horodecki, Adam Rutkowski and Omer Sakarya. Memory Cost of an Anti-malware Quantum Network Design

Po Chen Kuo, Neill, Adam Miranowicz, Hong-Bin Chen, Guang-Yin Chen, Yueh-Nan Chen and Franco Nori. Collectively induced exceptional points of quantum emitters coupled to nanoparticle surface plasmons

Dmitry Grinko, Julien Gacon, Christa Zoufal and Stefan Woerner. Iterative Quantum Amplitude Estimation

Ludmila Botelho. Tomography on Continuous Variable States

Thomas Cope. The Binary-Outcome Detection Loophole

V Sujan and S Balakrishnan. Error in quantum deletion can lead to better deletion

Viv Kendon. Collaborative Computational Project – Quantum Computing

Nikolajs Nahimovs. Lackadaisical quantum walks on triangular and honeycomb 2D grids

Shiro Tamiya and Yuya Nakagawa. Variational quantum algorithms for calculating nonadiabatic couplings

Jemma Bennett. Error Suppression in Continuous-time Quantum Computing

Max Festenstein, Adam Callison, Jie Chen, Laurentiu Nita, Viv Kendon and Nicholas Chancellor. An energetic perspective on rapid quenches and quantum walks

Adam Glos, Aleksandra Krawiec and Zoltán Zimborás. Space-efficient binary optimization for QAOA for Travelling Salesman Problem

Alex May, Geoff Pennington and Jonathan Sorce. Non-local computation meets holography

Oleksandr Kyriienko. Multiobjective VQE with genetic Pareto optimization

Philip Taranto. Memory Effects in Quantum Processes

Alexey Melnikov, Leonid Fedichkin, Ray-Kuang Lee and Alexander Alodjants. Understanding quantum walks with machine learning methods

Matthias C. Caro and Ishaun Datta. Pseudo-dimension of quantum circuits

J. Miguel Hernández Cáceres, Elías F. Combarro, José Ranilla and Ignacio F. Rúa. Some properties of combinatorial quantum abstract detecting systems

Filip Maciejewski, Zoltán Zimborás and Michal Oszmaniec. Mitigation of readout noise by classical post-processing based on Quantum Detector Tomography

Salini Karuvade, Abhijeet Alase and Barry C. Sanders. PT-Symmetric Model for Quantum Computation

Dmitry Kravchenko, Kamil Khadiev, Danil Serov and Kapralov Ruslan. Quantum-over-classical Advantage in Solving Multiplayer Games

Kamil Khadiev and Dmitry Lin. Quantum Request-Answer Game with Buffer Model for Online Algorithms

Balthazar Casalé, Giuseppe Di Molfetta, Hachem Kadri and Liva Ralaivola. Quantum Bandit171 Shahin Honarvar, Mohammad Reza Mousavi and Rajagopal Nagarajan. Property-based Testing of Quantum Programs in Q#

Ryu Hayakawa, Tomoyuki Morimae and Suguru Tamaki. Fine-grained quantum supremacy based on Orthogonal Vectors, 3-SUM,and All-Pairs Shortest Paths

Hayata Yamasaki, Kosuke Fukui, Yuki Takeuchi, Seiichiro Tani, Masato Koashi. Polylog-overhead fault-tolerant measurement-based quantum computation by homodyne detection

Srikara S, Kishore Thapliyal and Anirban Pathak. Quantum Communication using Continuous Variables

Sourav Kundu and Ben Reichardt. Fermionic error correction on Majorana codes

Changyuan Liu. QAOA Algorithms for NISQ Quantum Ising and Z2 Lattice Gauge Simulation

Oscar Higgott, Matthew Wilson, James Hefford, James Dborin, Farhan Hanif, Simon Burton and Dan Browne. Optimal local unitary encoding circuits for the surface code

Nilesh Vyas and Romain Alléaume. Everlasting Secure Key Agreement with performance beyond QKD in a Quantum Computational Hybrid security model

William Kirby and Peter Love. Classical Simulation of Noncontextual Pauli Hamiltonians

Cihan Okay and Robert Raussendorf. Homotopical approach to quantum contextuality

Leonardo Novo, Juani Bermejo-Vega and Raul Garcia-Patron. Quantum advantage from energy measurements of many-body quantum systems

Felix Huber Positive maps and Matrix. Contractions from the Symmetric Group

Ilnaz Mannapov, Kamil Khadiev and Liliya Safina. Classical and Quantum Improvements of Generic Decision Tree Constructing Algorithm for Classification Problem

Kyrylo Simonov. Entanglement, gravity, and violation of the discrete symmetries

Maksims Dimitrijevs and Kamil Khadiev. Grover’s Search Implementation with Basic Gates

Marco Túlio Quintino, Qingxiuxiong Dong, Atsushi Shimbo, Akihito Soeda and Mio Murao. Adaptive circuits exponentially outperforms parallel ones for universal unitary inversion

Aniruddha Bapat, Eddie Schoute, Alexey Gorshkov and Andrew Childs. Nearly-optimal time-independent reversal of a spin chain

Nathan Ju. Holographic Mean Value Algorithms for 2D and 3D Circuits

Sami Boulebnane, Mischa Woods and Joe Renes. Approximate quantum non-demolition measurements

Philippe Faist, Victor V. Albert, Mischa Woods, Joseph M. Renes and John Preskill. Bipartite energy-time uncertainty relation for quantum metrology with noise

Damián Pitalúa García. One-out-of-m spacetime-constrained oblivious transfer

Damián Pitalúa García, Adrian Kent, David Lowndes and John Rarity. Practical quantum tokens without quantum memories: towards a proof-of-principle experimental demonstration