Accepted Papers

Kamil Korzekwa, Zbigniew Puchała, Marco Tomamichel and Karol Życzkowski. Encoding classical information into quantum resources

João Fernando Doriguello and Ashley Montanaro. Exponential quantum communication reductions from generalizations of the Boolean Hidden Matching problem

Nikhil MandeJustin Thaler and Shuchen Zhu. Improved Approximate Degree Bounds For k-distinctness

Ulysse Chabaud, Tom Douce, Frédéric Grosshans, Elham Kashefi and Damian Markham. Building trust for continuous variable quantum states

Dina Abdelhadi and Joseph M. Renes. Second-order asymptotics of quantum data compression and state merging

Paul Webster and Stephen Bartlett. Fault-tolerant quantum gates with defects in topological stabiliser codes

Julio Carlos Magdalena de la Fuente, Nicolas Tarantino and Jens Eisert. Non-Pauli Stabilizers from Twisted Quantum Doubles

Tony Metger and Thomas Vidick. Self-testing of a single quantum device under computational assumptions

Taisuke Izumi, Francois Le Gall and Frederic Magniez. Quantum Distributed Algorithm for Triangle Finding in the CONGEST Model

Anne Broadbent and Sébastien Lord. Uncloneable Quantum Encryption via Oracles

Anurag Anshu. Improved local spectral gap thresholds for lattices of finite dimension

Jonas Helsen, Francesco Battistel and Barbara Terhal. Spectral Quantum Tomography

Lucas Brady, Christopher Baldwin, Aniruddha Bapat, Alexey Gorshkov and Yaroslav Kharkov. Optimal Protocols in Quantum Annealing and QAOA Problems

Tom Bannink, Jop Briët, Farrokh Labib and Hans Maassen. Quasirandom quantum channels

Tomotaka Kuwahara and Keiji Saito. Strictly linear light cones in long-range interacting systems of arbitrary dimensions

Ivan Bardet, Angela Capel, Angelo Lucia, David Perez-Garcia and Cambyse Rouzé. On the modified logarithmic Sobolev inequality for the heat-bath dynamics for 1D systems

Anne BroadbentSevag Gharibian and Hong-Sheng Zhou. Towards Quantum One-Time Memories from Stateless Hardware

Freek Witteveen, Michael Walter, Volkher Scholz and Brian Swingle. Quantum circuit approximations and entanglement renormalization for the Dirac field in 1+1 dimensions

Felix Leditzky, Mohammad A. Alhejji, Joshua Levin and Graeme Smith. Playing Games with Multiple Access Channels

Srijita Kundu, Jamie Sikora and Ernest Y.-Z. Tan. A device-independent protocol for XOR oblivious transfer

Anurag Anshu, David Gosset and Karen Morenz. Slightly beyond product state approximations for a quantum analogue of Max Cut

Jessica Bavaresco, Mateus Araújo, Caslav Brukner and Marco Túlio Quintino. Semi-device-independent certification of indefinite causal order

Daniel Stilck França, Fernando G. S. L. Brandão and Richard Kueng. Faster quantum and classical SDP approximations for quadratic binary optimization

Xin Wang. Optimizing the fundamental limits for quantum and private communication

Ludovico Lami, Sumeet Khatri, Gerardo Adesso and Mark Wilde. Extendibility of bosonic Gaussian states

Simon Becker, Nilanjana Datta, Ludovico Lami and Cambyse Rouzé. Convergence rates for the quantum central limit theorem

Marco Fanizza, Matteo Rosati, Michalis Skotiniotis, John Calsamiglia and Vittorio Giovannetti. Beyond the swap test: efficient estimation of distances between quantum states

Aleksandrs Belovs and Ansis Rosmanis. Tight Quantum Lower Bound for Approximate Counting with Quantum States

Anirban Chowdhury, Rolando Somma and Yigit Subasi. Computing partition functions in the one clean qubit model

Andreas Klingler, Gemma De Las Cuevas and Tim Netzer. Approximate tensor decompositions: disappearance of all separations

Zvika Brakerski, Venkata Koppula, Umesh Vazirani and Thomas Vidick. Simpler Proofs of Quantumness

Marco Fanizza, Farzad Kianvash and Vittorio Giovannetti. Quantum flags, and new bounds on the quantum capacity of the depolarizing channel

Andris Ambainis and Nikita Larka. Quantum algorithms for computational geometry problems

Srinivasan ArunachalamAleksandrs BelovsAndrew ChildsRobin Kothari, Ansis Rosmanis and Ronald de Wolf. Quantum Coupon Collector

Das Poulami, Christopher Pattison, Srilatha Manne, Doug Carmean, Krysta Svore, Moinuddin Qureshi and Nicolas Delfosse. A Scalable Decoder Micro-architecture for Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing

Scott Aaronson, Nai-Hui Chia, Han-Hsuan Lin, Chunhao Wang and Ruizhe Zhang. On Quantum Complexity for Closest Pair and Orthogonal Vectors

Niel De Beaudrap, Xiaoning Bian and Quanlong Wang. Fast and effective techniques for T-count reduction via spider nest identities

Hamoon Mousavi, Seyed Sajjad Nezhadi and Henry Yuen. On the complexity of zero gap MIP*

James R. Seddon, Bartosz Regula, Hakop Pashayan, Yingkai Ouyang and Earl T. Campbell. Quantifying quantum speedups: improved classical simulation from tighter magic monotones

Nicholas Hunter-Jones, Richard Kueng, Wissam Chemissany, Fernando Brandao and John Preskill. Models of quantum complexity growth

Nicholas Hunter-Jones. Unitary designs from statistical mechanics in random quantum circuits

Jonas Haferkamp, Felipe Montealegre-Mora, Markus Heinrich, Jens Eisert, David Gross and Ingo Roth. Efficient unitary designs with a system size independent number of non-Clifford gates

Harry Buhrman, Subhasree Patro and Florian Speelman. A Framework of Quantum Strong Exponential-Time Hypotheses

Arkin Tikku, Mario Berta and Joseph M. Renes. Non-additivity in classical-quantum wiretap channels